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Copper Top Tables

Unique craftsman hand made Copper Top Tables are the envy of many and until now have been out of the reach of those who would love to own one.

This is your opportunity to get the finest pieces directly from the craftsman so your not paying retail, your not even paying wholesale it's directly from the craftsman to you.


These are copper top tables hand hammered by European Craftsman using centuries old traditions.


Each top is preciously cut and hammered to produce a dimpled surface effect.


It is then carefully laid over a MDF base.


Many of the tops are dovetailed which involves cutting the copper by hand, interlocking the two pieces and then carefully welding them to produce a fine smooth finish.


The copper top is then fired and this gives an individual patina to each top.


Finally they are lightly oiled and buffed to give them a durable antique finish that can be used in both and indoor and outdoor environment.


The metal bases are handmade by a blacksmith and each piece is heated using a traditional charcoal fire.


Each piece is then hand hammered by the blacksmith on an anvil in the traditional method and then carefully crafted to form the unique and pristine looking base.


The bases are then left outside to lightly rust then hand rubbed to a smooth finish and then lightly varnished this creates a patina over the metal.


They can look as good 100 years from now as they do today if properly taken care of. They are that durable.


Not only will you be the envy of many but they will grow in value.


So visit our entire website to chose the items for your home or office.




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